The following table is a summary of dates some of which are contained within the rules. The list is for guidance only.

1st Feb  - Latest Date For Registering Players 
1st Mar  - Return Of All League Trophies
March  - Issue of Player Re-registration Summary Form by League
31st Mar - Club Continuation Notice
30th Jun - Latest Date For The Withdrawal Of A Team (Following Season)
31st May - End Of Financial Year
30th Apr - Nomination Of Officers
1st May  - Submission Of Proposed New Rules
1st Jun  - Latest Date For Return Of Club Membership/Application Form (Form A)
1st Jul  - Latest Date For Return of Player Re-registration Summary Form
31st Jul - Latest Application For New teams To Join
16th Aug - Minimum Number Of Players Per Team Signed

For advice on any of the above, Club Secretaries should contact the League Secretary.