"Respect" is the collective responsibility of everyone involved in the game to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which every match can take place. We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. This includes players, parents, spectators, club officials, league officials and FA officials. Those who do not, will not be welcomed.

In The FA's survey of over 37,000 grassroots participants, behaviour was their biggest concern. This included the abuse of match officials and the unacceptable behaviour by over-competitive parents, spectators and coaches on the sidelines. The FA's Respect programme is aimed at tackling unacceptable behaviour across the whole game. The Derby Junior Football League totally supports this programme and, in addition to standard codes of conduct (please see the link at the foot of the page), has introduced a number of measures of its own to support this.

Please report all incidents of poor behaviour immediately to your Respect Ambassador or League Official.


Supporter Areas

The League has introduced Respect Lines at all venues. The general purpose is to indicate a line that no one must cross if they have respect for the game. These lines are generally 2 meters from the side of the pitch giving a safe run-off area for players and keeping supporters a discrete distance away from the pitch so they can be less influential on players and officials.

In addition, we insist that Managers and Team officials from both teams stand together on one side of the pitch with the substitutes whilst the parents and spectators stand together on the other side.

All our locations have detailed pitch layouts so there can be no confusion where people should congregate. These can found at the venue and details are available from the League Coordinator on site. Details can also be found in the venue overviews (see the menu in the right hand margin).

Some basis rules for clarification;

Everyone must stand behind the safety line/Respect line.

  • This includes Team Managers and Coaches.
  • No one must stand where there is no barrier.
  • No one is allowed to support their team from behind the goal-line.
  • The line must be placed at least two yards from the pitch.

Respect Ambassadors

The League has implemented Respect Ambassadors to enforce Respect policies. The basic role of the RA is to identify areas where Respect protocols are not being observed and to point these out to the Team Manager. It is not necessarily part of the RA's role to deal with these matters themselves. Although they have full authority to do so. The Team Manager bears ultimate reposibility.

The Team Manager must ensure that a Respect Ambassador is appointed to every match. They must be clearly identifiable from a distance and the League has issued a Yellow bib to each team to help with this. Teams that fail to have an RA will receive a fine.

The Respect Ambassador should work closely with their opposite number and come to an agreement on any areas that need to be raised with the Team Managers. They are required to report to the League if either Team Manager has ignored their observations (welfare@derbyjfl.com).


The Respect Ambassador is seen as a pivotal role in improving standards at matches. It is impossible for a RA to do their job and (eg) manage the team or run the line. As a result, team Managers, Assistants and Lineman must not act as RA's.

Finally, the RA is responsible for welcoming the referee to the fixture and ensuring they get paid.

League Policy On Photography

As a League we recognise that parents will want to take photos of their children as they enjoy the sport. However, there is also a need to safeguard the needs of others - children who, for one reason or another, must not appear in photographs or be identified in reports etc. As a result, we ask everyone to adopt the following guidelines;

  • As part of Club registration, every Club should ensure all families sign a Club Photo Consent form and ensure parents/carers are aware of where photo's and video might be taken and used.
  • If a parent wishes to take photos or video at a League organised match, courtesy should be shown to the opposition by asking their permission (usually the team manager or Respect Ambassador). Permission will only normally be refused if the team comprises of children where a Club Photo Consent form has not been signed.
  • Finally, photos must not be posted on 'open' Social Media sites (inc web sites and blogs). Sites must be 'closed'; where membership is required and moderators can identify everyone with access to the photos.

None Compliance

Although the League has a firm strategy that all income from fines is allocated to development work (eg subsidising Level 1 coach training), we prefer not to fine teams. Instead, as more age-groups become non-competitive and the need to fulfill a balanced fixture schedule becomes less important, those teams who continually demonstrate poor standards will be allocated fewer fixtures.


Derby Junior Football League has a responsibility to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the various events we administer. This includes football matches, tournaments and presentation events. We have a duty to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equally without fear of abuse or bad practise so we can all enjoy the match-day experience.

If you see or hear any behaviour you feel is unacceptable or feel that the League’s Rules, Policies or Respect Code of Conduct has not been adhered to, please report the incident. We guarantee to investigate all reports thoroughly and ensure appropriate steps are taken to rectify any poor practice identified.

You can report your concerns to your Club Welfare Officer or Club Secretary. They will help collate details and then forward them to the League Secretary.

Alternatively, you can contact Ian Birley (League Welfare Office - welfare@derbyjfl.com) and/or Cath Morton (County FA Welfare Officer -  cath.morton@derbyshirefa.com) in complete confidence.

There are a number of resources privided by the FA to help Clubs and Parents. Please click here to go to their website.