MATCHDAY HOTLINE - 07482 563288

If you are in doubt as to whether matches are on, please phone for the lastest update!

Local forecast

When games are called of for whatever reason, notice is place immediately on FA-Fulltime, Facebook, Twitter and here in the Later News Section.

Grass pitches are inspected on match day and if they are water-logged, frozen or if the referee/League Official feels they are unsafe, matches will be called off. However, decisions can be made well in advance of match day if there has been prolonged bad weather.

ATP pitches are a different story. They do not hold water and do not become water-logged. So, a decision is not based on the condition of the pitch but on the prevailing weather expected at the time of kick off. Here, matches will be called off in times of high wind or low temperatures as its unsuitable for the U7's and U8's scheduled to play there.


  1. In times of bad weather, pitches provided by the City Council are inspected by them on a Friday morning. If they feel the pitches will not be playable at the weekend, they will update THEIR pitch hotline by midday (01332 716623). If they are undecided as to whether matches should go ahead, they will leave it up to the match day Referee.
  2. When the City Council leave it in the hands of the match day referee, the League will arrange for all pitches to be inspected by 9 am on the morning of the match (at the very latest). If we feel any pitch is unplayable, the League Hotline (07482 563288) will be updated. Once a pitch is called off by the League, it is NEVER reinstated.
  3. In addition to all of the above, matches may be abandoned at anytime during the day by the match Referee or a League Match Co-ordinator if the pitch becomes unplayable or if conditions are deamed unsafe.


There is a subtle difference between POSTPONEMENTS and CANCELLATIONS.

Non-competitive matches that are called off due to bad weather are usually completely cancelled. This is because there is no need for teams to play each other an equal number of times and no need to complete the full fixture schedule.

At competitive age-groups, all matches called off or abandoned due to bad weather are simply postponed and are rescheduled for a later date. This can often lead to fixture conjestion towards the end of the season. In extreme circumstances, championship deciders need to take priority.


If bad weather creates a fixture backlog, the following plan will come into effect;

  • The schedule of evening matches will start at the end of March/beginning of April.
  • All matches will be scheduled on Full Time. They will be published by the middle of March.
  • Kick-off will be at 6:00 with a permissible delay until 6:30 should teams have trouble getting to venues through the traffic.
  • Matches that do not kick-off by 6:30 may still take place but will be referred to the Management Committee.
  • Once started, matches will be abandoned if the light fails and referred to the Management Committee.
  • If any team cannot attend a scheduled evening fixture, the match will be treated as a ‘failed fixture’ under the Rules.
  • Saturday teams will play on a Wednesday.
  • Sunday teams will play on a Tuesday.
  • Depending on the availability of pitches, teams might not play at their usual venue 
  • No new ‘Rest Days’ will be allowed for teams from 1st  March  onwards.