Derby Junior Football League 

Key Information for Parents

Get Involved - Safely.

It's a big step and it's important that you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

As a league we help our member clubs to understand what it takes to get youngsters involved - safely and in a protective and supportive environment.  Many if not all of us have children of our own and we understand that playing football is exciting and a great way to make new friends and get fit - we want to help to make sure it's done in a safely competitive environment.

Key Things to think about

  • Friendly People
  • Convenient Locations
  • Right Age Groups
  • Speak to other Parents
  • Go to some games alone


"Respect" is the collective responsibility of everyone involved in the game to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which every match can take place. We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. This includes players, parents, spectators, club officials, league officials and FA officials. Those who do not, will not be welcomed. Read more>>

What should you look for?

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  • Organisation
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Grapfruit
  • Pears

Child Protection

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Code of Conduct

The following will be common sence to most adults;

  • We expect everyone to applaud good play no matter if its their own team or the opposition.
  • Bad language and raised voices towards the children or other supporters is not tolerated and can lead to expulsion of the individual.
  • Players should shake hands after the match.
  • The referee must be supported at all times.
  • Players must be encouraged by all adults to accept winning and losing in equal proportion.  
  • High standards of behaviour are expected at all time.